Drinking Like A Dubliner

Since 2005, over 1,000 top-shelf and well-established pubs in Ireland have closed shop and hundreds more in 2012-2014. Despite the on-going recession of the country, the pubs in Dublin are surviving. There are 7,500 pubs left in the country and 700 of them are in the capital city, Dublin. The spirits in this industry may be down sometimes but the craic of the pubs in Dublin is going strong. 


When you are in Dublin, you must be knowledgeable on how to drink like a Dubliner. To become aware of the essential things, follow these tips:


Do not give a tip to the bartender. For the locals, they never give a tip to the bartender since they are like other professionals giving services to the people like doctors. With this, after you buy a few pints, the polite way is to buy a round for the bartender. This tip applies to live musicians too, they can be paid in pints. 

Say “cheers” like the locals do. In giving a wish to your fellow bar-goers, the keyword to memorize is ‘Slainte!’, this means health for the Gaelic. 

Drinking too much in a pub is not associated with an authentic Irish experience. Majority of the Irish people is going to pubs in order to socialize and not get into trouble, this is entirely different from the reputation of the country for being riotous bibulousness. The standard size of serving is the imperial pint or equivalent to 20 ounces, if you want something smaller, then ask for ‘a glass’. There are also alternatives for alcoholic beverages, they are sparkling water brands such as Ballygowan, a milder alcoholic beer which is still made by Guinness. It is mixed with lime and soda water. 

Do not expect to watch a game in the pubs. Generally, Irish are passionate about Gaelic football and rugby. For sports fans going to a pub, do not expect to catch a game like soccer or football since most of the traditional pubs ban the use of televisions. 


Remember these things and you will be drinking like a Dubliner does.