Guide On How To Order Drinks


When you are in Dublin, you will realize that the bars are busy places and the staff are becoming a blur. There are too many people waiting for the much awaited drinks or worse, they even have a hard time entering the place. At this point, your behavior is very critical to maintain your well-being. One of the most difficult parts when you are in the pub in Dublin is ordering drinks most especially for visitors but with this article, it will help you to obtain your order with minimum fuss. 


The first tip is to know what you really want. This is not a problem when you just want a drink but if you are uncertain, this will give you a headache as well as the other customers waiting for you and the their turn to be served by the bartender. This will make them angry. Other things that you must consider are the following:


Attract the attention of the Bartender. Some people are waving money, shiny objects or their hands to get the attention of the bartender. These acts are rude much more when you click your fingers or whistle, most likely, you will be thrown out of the pub. 

When ordering, always order your first stout or Guinness because it will take a longer time to pour than other drinks and it takes time to settle too. Also, make sure you order all the drinks you want at one time. 

In tipping, some of the guidebooks say that the bartenders in Ireland do not receive tip but this has evolved through time. Certainly, it is not similar to other cultures like the US where the customers are obliged to give a tip but the bartenders are aware that saying no is also absurd. If you feel like you have been served excellently, then you can give a tip or give them a pint too. 

About the locals, most Irish are friendly, you can talk to them always and everyone can be tourist guides, they are always ready to help anyone. 


Another important reminder, the pubs in Ireland close on time or at some occasions, they close thirty minutes before. So, if you are still inside, they would ask you to leave because it is a law and they do not want the cops to be at the pub. 


These are some of the most important reminders you should take note when you want to visit the pubs in Dublin. Also, it will help you act like a local and enjoy the night away.