Must See Places When You Have Only A Day To Tour Dublin

After booking your flight to Dublin for a short visit, what are the must-see places that you should visit?  If this is your first time to visit the city, it is recommended to take the Tour Bus of Hop On and Hop Off, you can pick the buses at O’Connel Street. The bus leaves every 10-15 minutes, get off from the bus at any of their 24 stops and hop on again on the next schedule. Here are some places that you must see on the tour:


Trinity College – College Green – Trinity College is the oldest university which is based on River Liffey’s south side on College Green. It was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I with a land area of 40 acres and the grounds are made of cobbled pathways. Inside the Trinity College is the Book of Kells, it is a manuscript in the 9th century housed in the university’s old library. 

Temple Bar – This is an area in the city that houses many bars, small shops and restaurants. They have Temple Bar live every night and during daytime, the atmosphere is great. You can listen to Irish music in the pubs on daytime and sit outside in one of the cafes to have a picture on how the Irish people live their daily lives. 

Dublin Castle in Cork Hill – This castle was built in 1214 through the orders of England’s King John. The minor battle it had was in 1916 during the Easter Rising and it is the center of the British Ruling until 1922 since the castle was turned over to the Irish Free State. 

Christchurch Cathedral – It was founded in 1028, Christ Church Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Dublin that stood still until now. During the medieval times, this Cathedral was just a pilgrimage site. You will see relics such as some parts of Jesus’ Crib and the speaking cross. To this date, you can witness the heart of Dublin’s patron saint, Laurence o Toole. 

St. Patricks Cathedral – It is formally known as the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Patrick, founded in 1191. This cathedral was built in honor of Saint Patrick, the patron state of Ireland. Near the Cathedral is the famous well, people believed that this is the place where Saint Patrick baptized the converts. 

Guinness – Arthur Guinness was born in 1725 and died in 1803. You can explore from this 7-story store house to learn about the life of Guinness including the ingredients on how to make a perfect paint. On the 7th floor, you will get a free pint at the Gravity Bar and most of all, the city’s panoramic view. 


These are the must-see places when you only have a day to tour around Dublin.