Places To Drink in Dublin For First-Timers

This article is intended for first-timers in Dublin, this will help you where to go to avoid getting harmed on the first night. It is very important to have fun and know the culture on the first visit to play safe. Most of the tourists go to the Temple Bar but it is not advisable because the place is dirty and you will pay a high price for sub-standard drinks as well as services in tacky and overcrowded bars. Definitely, this is not the perfect place for your first night in Dublin. 


These days, the amount of hen and stag parties at the Temple Bar decreased dramatically but you will still meet fellow Canadians, Americans and Italians at the bar but the locals stay away because they are too expensive. However, there is one notable exception, this pub is located in Temple Bar, The Storehouse located in Crown Alley. They have friendly staff, decent food and the prices are not completely outrageous. They play music seven days in a week and the customers are looked after with great service. This means that you should not go at Temple Bar but if you cannot, then visit only The Storehouse. 


For more choices of pubs, you can find excellent bars in the North part of the city but they entail dangerous terrain, junkies, avoid scum bags and oversized earrings of the feisty women of the North Side. So, to make the first experience a memorable one, visit the pubs located on the South side. They have good pubs and easy to reach, some of them are as follows:


Bowe’s – It is located on the Eastern part of Fleet Street, a little block between D’Olier Street and Westmoreland Street. The staffs are fun and friendly at the same time, their Guinness is so far the best; even better at the brewery. Also, the traditional music session every Sunday night is real and unamplified and they have different craft beers to choose from, lovely toasted sandwiches and a wide selection of more than 100 whiskeys around the world. 

The Palace Bar – It is also located on Fleet Street but it is on the Westmoreland’s Western side. The Palace Bar is great for having a daytime pint and during night time, it gets really crowded especially when there is a sports game making it very hard to look for a seat. They offer a wide array of whiskeys, Irish craft beers and their very own whiskey which can be purchased by a shot or by the bottle. 


These are the recommended pubs to visit for first-time tourists to get acquainted with the culture and not the noise.