The Best Pubs in Dublin To Experience Authentic Irish Culture

It would be difficult to visit Dublin without visiting a pub since the city has many of it, in fact, it has about 1,000 pubs or watering holes. You will find every kind of pubs, there are old traditional pubs that have live Irish music to funky cocktail bars to different levels of super pubs. However, from the wide array of pubs in the city, the best are those that exude the traditional character with mirrors, ornate bars, stained glass and marble. Also, many of the best ones are those that have been operating for hundreds of years. 


If you have not tasted the real traditional Irish pubs, these are the best pubs to visit plus you can try the Irish whiskey chaser. Most of these pubs offer a great selection of Irish craft beers, food and live music. You must get in early to grab the most suitable place at the bar for some eavesdropping or people watching on locals. If the pub has a small private section, set yourself to an evening of conversation served with drinks. Here are the best pubs in Dublin:


The Brazen Head – This pub is the oldest in Dublin which has been established since 1198 but it is still lively with live music each night. Originally, the building was a coach house and the walls are decorated with old pictures, ads and papers from the past. Famous names shown in the pub are Brendan Behan, James Joyce and Jonathan Swift. For food, you can choose Guinness stew, beef or a bowl of steamed Irish mussels. 

O’Donoghue’s – If your stay in Dublin is just for a couple of days, you should never miss O’Donoghue’s to experience traditional Irish live music session in front of the bar. When you visit the place, arrive earlier than everyone else to experience how it feels like to be in front since it gets too crowded easily. Each night, they showcase traditional musicians to play fiddles, bodhrans, tin whistles and uilleann pipes. This is the pub where The Dubliners started, they are now a famous traditional band and they have come back to this pub many times. 

The Long Hall – This original pub in Dublin has a white and striking red exterior that survived even if the buildings around it were completely reconstructed during the boom of the Celtic Tiger. With this, the owners were fortunate and thankful they are still in business, the busiest days are on weekends so if you want to feel the ambiance of an Irish traditional pub, drop by on mid-week to have a quiet experience and fully appreciate its classic wooden interior, cozy dйcor and mirrors. 


If you want to have an authentic traditional Irish pub experience, these pubs are the best to visit.