The Top Ten Pubs in Dublin

Dublin City has a wide array of pubs, from modern megapubs that cater to the young crowd, cozy and small corner pubs that have been around since 1916 which were not redecorated, pubs that cater to folk musicians and those which serve not only as watering holes for serious drinkers but more. Choosing the best pubs boils down to expectations and taste but this article will give you a list of pubs worth visiting when you are in the city and looking for a great night out. 



This is considered as Folk Music’s Big Daddy. O’Donoghue’s is located at 15 Merrion Row, it is the pub responsible for launching the career of Ireland’s ballad and seminal folk group, the Dubliners. This is the reason why this pub is the home of folk fans who want to visit Dublin. It can get crowded most especially in the tourist season and the time for live music. The location is very accessible because it is near to the center of the city, it is one of the pubs covered in several tours, no wonder they have a steady influx of customers. 


The Auld Dubliner

It is situated in the heart of the District of Temple Bar, The Auld Dubliner is popularly known because of its brightly colored mural, great crowd and folk music. The address is 24-25 Templar Bar, the location assures of steady crowd, mostly young and very noisy. If you are in this pub, you will not be bored but during peak times, you can hardly hear the music. 


The Hole in the Wall

Definitely, this pub is not situated in the center of the city but it is beside the Phoenix Park at the Blackhorse Avenue. Actually, the walls of the pub and park are fused together. The Hole in the Wall is the longest pub in Ireland, created through combining old houses. The crowd is composed of locals and those “in the know”, who are travelling far to enjoy a bar which spans around 100 yards. Parking involves a good walk while public transport is located at the Navan Road, it will give you a good walk away too. 


The Brazen Head

It is claiming as the oldest pub in Dublin and as early as 1198, they started pouring good stuff. This claim receives rare dispute even if the building was built in the 1750s. The Brazen Head is located at the lower part of 20 Bridge Street, opposite of the Four Courts. It can be reached by a good walk or just a short bus ride from the center of the city. If you are more inclined of nostalgic dйcor as well as a good pint, this pub is worth your visit. One of the most famous people who visited was Bold Robert Emmet, he had lodgings here and they said he visited occasionally. 


The Gravediggers or Kavanagh’s Pub

This pub should be included in your itinerary when visiting Dublin, you can either use a car or through a public transport. It is located at 1 Prospect Square in Glasnevin, Dublin 9, it is away from most Dubliners. The main gates to the huge Glasnevin Cemetery, this is where the name is derived. As a result, the crowd used to be workmen of the cemetery, they refreshed themselves bringing their shovels just to order for a pint. Today, the atmosphere is not similar, it is lesser funeral but The Gravediggers preserved the look and ambiance of what it used to be. Also, included are occasional spectral visits. 



It is located at 3 Harry Street, off Grafton Street, McDaid’s is very convenient from the city center. At most times, it is crowded and most of the crowd drop by to have a drink and a light bite but to truly enjoy the experience, you must take a look at the interior because it is filled with art deco. For those who appreciate art, you will be connected to the artistic image of the pub. Some of the famous people used to visit here are Patrick Kavanagh and Brendan Behan. 


John Mulligan’s Pub

It is situated on the Southside of Dublin 2, 8 Poolberg Street. John Mulligan’s Pub started pouring pints since 1782 but not in this same location. Eventually, the pub grew, becoming into one establishment made from separate houses. Also, it showcases period interior. They said they achieved what they are today because of their experienced staff perfectly pouring pints. On the list of their regulars was James Joyce. 


Kitty O’Shea’s

This is not your usual pub but the whole concept was born during the 1980s. It was born out to cater the tourist, they also have sister pubs located in Paris, Galway, Boston and Brussels. It serves as a restaurant, entertainment and bar that include pleasure of the DJs night. Also, they boast that their DJs come from Ibiza. Kitty O’Shea’s is very high in fun yet low on quietness and peace. 


Messrs Maguire

This is a 4-story pub that boasts of its very own micro-brewery. It is a combination of late night bar, restaurant and pub rolled into one. Messrs Maguire is famous for its beers and a conducive place to meet people both locals and foreign. Their location is also a plus factor since they are located on Burgh Quay in Dublin 2 which is just within the sight of the O’Connel Bridge. For this, the location is a major role because they are at the heart of the city center. They have a different genre of music each day, for instance, every Monday is for Traditional music but on Saturdays and Sundays, the place is dominated by sports fans because they have huge TV screens. 


The Long Stone

It is located at the southside of Dublin 2 at 10-11 Townsend Street. The Long Stone is decorated with Celtic style and incorporated with Viking elements plus a statue of the Norse god Balder which also serves as a fireplace. The pub is very popular all throughout Dublin and the crowd is mixed. 


These are the most popular pubs in Dublin worth visiting to experience what the Irish pub culture.