There Is More To Irish Pub Culture Than Drinking

The Irish pub life and pub culture is a popular subject abroad and even at home. Through the years, the number of pubs has been dramatically reduced because of the recent economic crisis, changing lifestyles and smoking ban. On the other hand, even with these circumstances that evolved through time, the pub was already an institution and it will remain an essential part of the tradition.  


Background of the Irish Pub Culture

The best part about the drinking pub culture in Dublin is the aspect of social interaction. Traditionally, the three major social outlets of Irish are church, local football club and the pub. Going to pubs is the habit of most people after going to the other two outlets, this means that after hearing Mass or a football match, they would all go to a pub since it is the place where villagers met, fun was had and stories were exchanged.  


Before, Irish people seldom get drunk at home until in the recent years because social interaction was an integral part to enjoy alcohol. The warmth, friendliness and atmosphere of the pubs are bringing the people into a different world, outside of their homes. This is the main reason why there are so many pubs established all throughout Ireland. You can hardly see a city without an Irish pub. 


Up to this day, it is very hard to know the value of the pubs’ contribution to the social aspect of Ireland but it is so hard to also ignore or measure the fact that through these pubs, alcohol consumption is over the top and  binge drinking are all too common in Ireland. However, whatever it is associated with pubs, the sensible good company with friends or even strangers are hard to beat around the country.