Tips and Etiquette of Irish Pub Life

There are important things that you must know about the pub life in Ireland including tips and etiquettes. First, you must learn the origin of the word “Whiskey”. Originally, this word comes from ‘uisce beatha’ which means water of life for the Irish Gaelic. On the other hand, the people of Scotland spell whiskey without the letter ‘e’. There are hundreds of whiskies coming from Scotland but in Ireland, there are only a few and the most popular are the Bushmills and Jameson. 


In terms of Ireland’s pint drinking, there is a proper etiquette for asking one. When you are in an Irish pub, if you simply say you want ‘a pint’, the bartender will give you a pint of stout, it is the black beer referred to as Guinness. However, the more common stouts are Beamish and Murphys. It is common in England’s pub to ask for ‘half pint’ but in Ireland, the term they use is ‘glass’ so the proper thing to say is “a glass of Guinness”. The common ale or beer in Ireland is called Smithwicks which must be pronounced as Smithicks, this is preferred more by foreigners who do not like drinking Guinness. 


If you want to take a perfect pint of Guinness, you should be patient because it will take at least three minutes. Then, allow it to settle completely before drinking because you are definitely a novice if you do not. Guinness tastes much better from its origin, Ireland so when you visit Dublin, it is worth trying. Do not judge your Guinness experience for the first time because it may be an acquired taste, so drink at least two pints.